Built–Up Roofing Membranes (BUR)

With Built-Up roofing systems, the highly reliable waterproof membrane is field fabricated with layers of bitumen, alternating with plies of reinforcing felts. The redundant layers give it exceptional resistance to water and weather. GA Roofing & Repair has been a leader in BUR with 10 years of experience. We install a complete line of fiber glass felts, including ply and base felts, and mineral surfaced cap sheets.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) is one of the oldest and most reliable commercial roofing systems for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roof structures. Started in the 1840’s, these roof systems are often referred to as “tar and gravel” roofs.  BUR consists of multiple plies of roof felts laminated together with bitumen. BUR consists of bitumen-saturated organic-fiber, fiberglass, or polyester felt. A top-surfacing or a glaze coat of asphalt, aggregate (gravel or slag), fibered, or non-fibered coatings engineered for roof coating, or a granule-surfaced cap sheet.

BUR may be designed and specified to meet a broad range of building waterproofing applications, depending on the needs of the building owner. These systems range from very basic systems designed to be vigorously maintained to upper-end systems that are constructed to qualify for a manufacturer’s warranty. Roofing manufacturers, working in close coordination with roofing contractors, will write long-term warranties for building owners based on specific design criteria. Some warranties even qualify for decades of “full-value” labor and materials coverage.  Beacon Roofing Supply commercial roofing specialists can furnish you with more details and refer you to one of our many contracting professionals.

Over the years, Built-Up Roofing (BUR) has earned a great reputation with building owners, architects, engineers, roofing product manufacturers and commercial roofing contractors.  The original cost of a BUR system may be greater than other low-slope applications, but when taking the long view, BUR often comes out a winner. BUR enjoys a track record that is over 150 years old, provides a thick, durable roof covering, may be used in a broad range of building waterproofing applications, and after many years of service may be maintained and repaired for extended life (many other systems must be completely replaced).

GA Roofing & Repair is a fully licensed & certified installer of Built Up Roofing (BUR) products and is backed by all major manufacturers, let us help you with your next Built Up Roof or repairs to your existing Built Up Roof.

Benefits of Built Up Roofing
  • Proven track record of performance
  • Broad range of application methods
  • Available as part of a fire, wind, and/or hail rated roofing system
  • Wide choice of top-surfacing, including “Cool Roofing” options
  • With insulation, provides an even better-performing building component
  • Superior waterproofing characteristics
  • High tensile-strength
  • Competitive life-cycle cost
  • Long-term warranties are available with many BUR systems
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