Cedar Roofing

Cedar shakes and shingles have a special warmth and elegance, an architectural look that states classic quality, taste and timelessness. Aside from their aesthetic value, cedar roofing products are lightweight, as well as wind and impact resistant. Western Red Cedar withstands serious freeze/thaw cycles and its natural oils resist decay.  Cedar is one of the only renewable roofing products on the market today.  A truly green product that has a high R value to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

GA Roofing & Repair is a fully licensed & certified installer of Cedar Roofing products and is backed by all major manufacturers, let us help you with your next Cedar Roof or repairs to your existing Cedar Roof.

Handsplit Shakes

These shakes have split faces and sawn backs.  This style of shake is the most popular and gives a textured look that can’t be duplicated by imitation products.  Common sizes are 1/2″ thick Medium shakes and 3/4″ Heavy shakes.

Tapersawn Shakes

These shakes are sawn on both sides.  Premium grade is the most common, this will insure the product is 100% edge grain, 100% clear, and 100% heartwood.  These shakes are for people that want a smooth uniform look on the roof but still have some thickness to the shake.

Cedar Shingles

This type of smooth sawn, architecturally uniform cedar roofing shingle is preferred for its natural and tailored appearance and is used on traditional, modern, and non-residential structures. This product is used on roofs and sidewalls.

Western Red Cedar contains natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and insect damage. These natural preservatives are toxic to decay causing fungi. To give roofing products total protection against moss and fungi, CCA treatment is available prior to installation.

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau History

On June 9, 1915, at a meeting of the Trustees of the West Coast Lumber Manufacturers Association, it was agreed to establish a branch of the association to serve those members who manufactured shingles. Our influence grew, and as we survived both the Great Depression and World War II, manufacturers continued their quality commitment. In 1963 the organization merged with the Handsplit Shake Bureau to become the Red Cedar Shingle & Handsplit Shake Bureau. Manufacturers’ product lines continued to broaden and, in 1988, the members changed the organization’s name to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. In the late 1980s, mill quality control inspections were subcontracted to independent, third party quality control agencies.

Each year the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau’s staff answer thousands of technical questions and product selection queries. Our proud history, quality reputation and dedicated members provide excellent Certi-labelTM cedar shake and shingle roofing and siding products.

Certi-labelTM Products

Cedar shingles and shakes manufactured by members of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (“CSSB”) are the only products labeled with the “Certi” brand name.   Certi-labelTM cedar shakes and shingles are made by experienced craftsmen who take pride in their trade and the quality of their product. Despite their varying sizes and sometimes remote locations, member mills are bound together by a rigid quality code. Unannounced independent inspections conducted by accredited third party agencies ensure that product quality is maintained. Products are inspected to conform with various local, national and international codes and standards (contact the CSSB for specific details).

Each bundle of product has the mill’s distinctive Certi-labelTM tucked under the bundle strap. Asking for “the blue label” or “number one blue label” is not specific enough: CSSB members’ products are the only ones with the Certibrand name on the label.

Approved Installer Guidelines

Good workmanship is crucial to the integrity of any roofing system. Installers should read this manual carefully and ensure that they follow proper workmanship practices. CSSB Approved Installers agree to follow the guidelines in this manual, or local code regulations, if stricter than the guidelines contained in this manual.

Product Warranty

30 Year Warranty – Certi-Last shakes and shingles are warranted from failure due to fungal decay.  The warranties are issued and backed by the treating company and/or chemical manufacturer.  The product is sold under the Certi-Last trademark when treated to the minimum established standards.

Recommended Use – Certi-Last is recommended for use on roofs in the shaded area of the map below, having a climate index of more than 65 as identified in the USDA Forest Service Research Paper FPL 109-1973.


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