GA Roofing & Repair is expanding again, but not its territory this time.  “Pent up demand for Home Improvement, both interior & exterior remediation and upgrades, has opened many doors for GA Roofing & Repair to expand its business and services they provide into other areas than roofing, gutters, & siding”, owner Jeff Weber says.  “We are seeing trends of a dramatic increase in  families willing to re-invest and remain in their homes for longer periods of time until the residential housing market begins to recover.”  “We have brought on a full time crew of highly trained and experienced employees just to keep up with the increase in demand for painting, flooring,  drywallpressure washing, & property maintenance“, Weber says.  “We are also seeing a large increase in a wave of new first time homes buyers.”  I ask, how has the first time home buyer market affected business?  “Lenders, banks, and buyer agents are becoming more aware of the declining house conditions that have taken place since the beginning of the recession in 2007.”  “Homes that went into foreclosure, families that were living paycheck to paycheck, and people that are just not willing to invest in a home that is loosing value at an incredible rate.”  “All of this combined has been a very good thing for us”, Weber says.  “Banks and buyer agents are now demanding entire home inspections from top to bottom be completed by licensed home inspection companies prior to closing.”  “Banks can force repairs to be made prior to lending and/or buyer agents are using the inspection report as a powerful negotiating tool and can either negotiate a discounted price at closing or force repairs to be made.”  “The buyer has all of the power in today’s real estate market.”  “In addition, we have grown our working relationships with new residential builders here in Atlanta as well, through our great banking friends at BB&T & Regions Bank, we’re bidding on close to 5-10 new residential homes a week!”  That’s something that hasen’t been seen for a long time”, Weber says.

All of this sounds great, but how is the core business doing compared to last year, that being residential re-roofing?  “In general, roofing has been relatively steady.”  “We are re-roofing anywhere from 5-10 residential homes per month, that would put us in the top 1% category here in the Atlanta market.”  “We have every roofing supplies distributor in town competing for our business just as we are competing for new customers”.  “We have great relationships with all of the distributors, but unfortunately it still comes down to the numbers and sometimes feeling get hurt.”

How is your roofing repair division preforming, I ask?  “Very well, the office will field close to 5 calls per day for repairs within a 50 mile radius of our office location”  That’s great, have you had to hire to keep up with demand?  “Yes, I have hired close to 5 highly trained and experienced repair technicians that are capable of repairing any roof to electrical and plumbing needs”.  “The amount of talent we have on staff is exciting”.

Have you seen an increase in your commercial roofing division and the amount of new projects out for bid?  “Most certainly, there are a lot of new and old national retailers and restaurants that have been sitting on the side lines waiting to either open or expand.”  “Land prices are at an all time low right now, and we’ll probably never see pricing like this again in our lifetime.”  “Land Lords are making favorable deals for new tenants in empty spaces and Big Box Walmart is getting ready to break ground on up to 7 new locations here in GA that would have never gotten approved at the peak back in 2006 and 2007”, “now they are able to get zoning permits because people need jobs the local economy needs a boost.”  “Shadow anchor is next to come, but that won’t be for another year to year and a half I expect”, Weber says.  “We also hold many new commercial roofing manufacturing licenses such as Duro-Last, Versico, & GAF which is alowing us to bid on more projects that have EPDM Roofing, PVC Roofing, and TPO Roofing.


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