Thermal Technology

Infrared Roof & Interior Moisture Inspection

Our Residential & Commercial customers utilize our infrared roof moisture inspection service to prevent major Roofing & Interior Repairs. Infrared Thermography, along with other non-destructive testing techniques, are used to identify temperature differences created by saturated insulation in the Roof Assembly & Interior Walls.

During an Infrared Roof & Interior Inspection, problem areas are marked and the findings are presented in a detailed photographic report. Roofing & Interior preventative solution will be provided in the most cost effective and timely manner.  Findings are confirmed using electric capacitance or nuclear instruments, so core samples are not always necessary.

This service allows our customers to save thousands of dollars. Instead of spending an enormous amount of money to replace the entire roof, our infrared inspection allows customers to identify and replace only the problem areas.

Why use Infrared Thermography on Flat Roofs

By using infrared thermography, we find the trapped moisture and mark the wet areas so that repairs can be made surgically. This can save you money because you may not have to replace the roof as soon. By marking paint directly on the roof, repair areas can be seen by anyone standing on the roofs after the survey is performed.

How it works…

During the day, the sun radiates energy onto the roof and into the roof substrate, and then at night, the roof radiates the heat back into outer space. This is called radiational cooling. Areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas. Infrared imagers can detect this heat and “see” the warmer, higher mass areas, during the “window” of uneven heat dissipation. Heat loss and other IR services can be performed at the same time.

By using the information generated by an infrared report, the owner’s roofing professional can recommend cost-effective removal and replacement of wet components and draw documents to prepare an adequate roofing substrate to receive a recover installation to extend the satisfactory roofing system’s service life .

How we can help you maintain your flat and low-sloped roofs…

Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in your roof. This enables you to make informed decisions and will help develop your roof asset management program. Correct problem areas without the tremendous expense of replacing the entire roof.

As water enters your roof through the waterproofing layer(s) by tears, cuts, poorly sealed penetrations, failed flashings and caps, the insulation below can become laden with water and trapped in the roof substrate. If left in disrepair, the concrete deck absorbs or traps water, the wood deck rots. The metal deck rusts, and water intrudes into the building’s interior. Infrared thermography is useful in locating these moisture intrusions.

Why GA Roofing & Repair?

We create detailed, high-quality and easy to understand reports documenting roof moisture. our technicians can then use the information to verify the wet areas and write specifications to repair your roof and/or interior needs in the most cost effective manner.


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