New Roof Construction

GA Roofing & Repair specializes in new roof construction for new homes & commercial buildings throughout the Atlanta as well as the greater Atlanta area. Our crews our well trained in all types of roof installations to meet your roofing product needs including:

GA Roofing & Repair is an exclusive roofing contractor for many high quality homebuilders in the Atlanta area. Our General Contractor customers include the larger and more well-known builders, as well as the smaller homebuilders & General Contractors that may only build a few homes per year.

Superior Products, Workmanship and Service

Regardless of the size, all of our new roof construction customers demand top-quality roofing products and installation, as well as fast, comprehensive service before, during and after the construction process.

All of our roof installations are overseen by a staff supervisor. This extra layer of supervision allows us to maintain a high level of quality in our roofing construction.

Quicker Response = Satisfied Customers

As all homebuilders know, having roofing subcontractors who provide a quick, competent response to callback requests is crucial to customer satisfaction and long-term success. At GA Roofing & Repair the goal of our highly trained and experienced roofing service department is “Next Day Service” for all callback requests.

Experience the difference that quality and attention to detail can make.

GA Roofing & Repair is a fully licensed & certified installer of every type of roofing system and is backed by all major manufacturers, let us help you with your next roofing project.


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