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Pressure Washing

When a surface is in need of pressure washing, you’ll know it.  You may have been putting it off thinking the problem will fix itself, or that it isn’t that big a deal, but the reality is the discoloration of your property is only going to continue to grow and spread if left unattended.  Mold, mildew and dirt will create an adverse effect on the overall appearance of your home or place of business.  Property apperiances can affect your businesses image, customer retention, employee morale, as well as the pride and feeling you get when you know you are doing the right thing by maintaining your property.  At GA Roofing & Repair, a caring and professional approach is taken in addressing your properties unique attributes.  We have the ability and desire to get the job done right, no matter what the size or scope of the project is, and at a price that is guaranteed to be cost efficient.  If you would like for us to give you a proposal on your property, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today.  Maintaining your properties appearance and its value is very important to us at GA Roofing & Repair.

Services Available:

  • Houses (all types)
  • Apartment Complexes / Townhouses
  • Buildings (Large and Small)
  • Parking Lots / Garages
  • Any kind of Concrete
  • Patios, Sidewalks
  • Decks / Fences
  • And More…

Our Approach:

The easiest way to start to learn how to power wash is to first understand how various pressure washing systems work.  There are four basic elements of the process regardless of what machine or method is used.  They are: pressure, water flow rate, cleaning solution, and heat.  If we take out just one of these four elements, the cleaning characteristics will change.  For example, if you only use a cold water pressure washer instead of a hot water washer, you may have to compensate for that loss by using added pressure, more water flow, or the use of chemicals, all depending on the dirt to be removed, and surface to be cleaned.  You will always have to make adjustments combining these four elements in order to achieve the ideal cleaning atmosphere for your particular job.  Nevertheless, when learning how power washing systems work, and how to power wash, keep in mind that detergents emulsify the dirt better and faster as the temperature increases. This is especially true when cleaning oil and grease from a concrete surface. Other times, just using high pressure cold water, or hot water will do the trick.  And for certain surfaces, and stains to be removed, a “low pressure” wash may be the best choice for doing roofs, gutters, siding or in situations when you mainly just want to let “the chemical” do the work, and then rinse the surface clean afterwards. Always be mindful of the effects of using pressure on the varying materials to be cleaned, and to always take steps to make sure any surrounding vegetation is adequately protected, depending on the cleaning method and solution used

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