Slate Roofing

The look and feel of any home goes a long way in creating an impression on people, and with a beautiful new slate roof you can be assured that it’s an impression that will last a lifetime. GA Roofing & Repair takes pride in every slate roof we install and creating the look and feel you can be proud of.  We work hard not only to protect you from the elements and keep you as comfortable as possible, but also to help you express your taste for quality in every aspect of your roof from color selection to accessories. Whether you need roof repairs, are interested in a regular maintenance plan, or have been thinking about a brand new slate roof, we’re certain to have all of your solutions for any of your roofing needs.

GA Roofing & Repair is a full service roofing company: from emergency services, roof maintenance and repair, to new roof installation construction.  Don’t tolerate leaks, drips or any kind of unsightly damage that your roof is suffering from for any longer especially when our premium roofing services are just a phone call away. Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly; and are devoted to taking care of your issues right away.

With more than 50+ years of combined slate roofing experience, we’ve absolutely got the professional technicians on staff that you can trust to get your project done right. We are a full service residential and commercial roofing contractor and we’re certain to have all the finest products and most modern and effective installation techniques that the industry has to offer from minor repair to new roof construction.

GA Roofing & Repair is a fully licensed & certified installer of Slate Roofing products and is backed by all major manufacturers, let us help you with your next Slate Roof or repairs to your existing Slate Roof.

Advantages of Slate Roofing:

1. Non-combustible, resists fire, storm and wind

2. Waterproof, natural stone

3. Wide range of color combination

4. Effective appearance from texture, exposure and color

5. Little or no maintenance cost

6. Will not retain snow or ice

7. Resists climatic changes

8. Reduces insurance premiums

9. Long life

10. Accidental breakage easily replaced

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Characteristics of Slate

The principal difference between slate and other stones is the natural cleavage construction of the slate. This permits it to be split in one direction into sheets of various thicknesses. It is cut and trimmed mostly by hand labor into the required sizes and thicknesses. A slate roof is really a custom-made job and its use gives a character to a building unlike that of any other roofing. Slate quarried for roofing is of dense, sound rock and is exceedingly tough and durable. Some slate roofs in Vermont have been on for over a hundred years. Roofing slate is split to various thicknesses from commercial 3/16½ thick up to ½ in thickness for heavy graduated thicknesses of slate roofs.

Characteristics of Synthetic Slates

Comparison Value DaVinci Slate Products Natural Slate Other Synthetic Slates
Authentic Look Yes


No – Single-width shingles and/or limited colorlines look fake by comparison
1/2″ Thickness Yes Yes – 1/2″ slates are used for the most expensive installations Not typical
5 Widths Single-Width Valoré: No
Multi-Width DaVinci: Yes
Bellaforté: No
Yes (sometimes more) No – 1 is typical; 3 at most
Color Blends
Yes – Each blend is composed with assured proportions in each bundle No – Requires sorting and blending at the jobsite No – Most other synthetics require sorting and blending at the job site
Lightweight Yes No Yes – for polymeric materials
No – for fibrous cement materials
factory-collated Color Blends
Yes – Each bundle is composed of authentic slate colors arranged in an authentic slate blend No – Requires jobsite sorting & blending of colors No – Most other synthetics require jobsite sorting & blending of colors
factory-collated Widths
Yes – Each multi-width bundle is composed of 5 slate shingle widths factory-collated for each installation No – Requires jobsite blending of widths No – Most other synthetics require sorting and blending at the job site
Estimated Waste
in Installation
Low – Only in Valleys High – Slate with hairline cracks or those broken during installation must be discarded as much as 15% High – Most other synthetics do not have multiple widths creating more cutting and waste at edges and walls
Fire Retardance:
Class A
Yes – With standard underlayments
ASTM E 108
Yes – With standard underlayments Yes – But only with specialty underlayments
Wind Resistance:
110 mph
Yes – ASTM D 3161 Yes 70 – 110 mph
Impact Resistance:
Class 4
Yes UL – 2218 Yes – for 1/2″ thick slates
No – for 3/16″ slates
Freeze/Thaw Resistant Yes Mostly – May spall in Alpine regions Yes – for polymeric materials
No – for fibrous cement materials
Maintenance Free Yes No – Requires inspection and repair throughout its life cycle Yes
Color Fade Resistant Yes



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